Dubrovnik Walking Tour & Panorama

Dubrovnik Walking Tour, City Walls & Panorama

Duration from 2 to 4 hours

Simply put: we have comprised all the best and most important parts of Dubrovnik history and sights in 1,5 hour tour in order for our guests to get a good grasp of what Dubrovnik is all about and to get familiar with the city and its soul! Both of us, Stjepan and Ivo are born and raised in the Old Town, so we can confidently say that there are no better people to show you the city than locals like us!
We will start the tour from Pile or Ploce gate and during the tour we will walk by all major sights: Pile Gate, Bokar fortress, Onofrio’s fountain, Franciscan monastery, Stradun – main street, St. Blasius Church, Sponza Palace, Rector’s Palace, Orlando’s column, Cathedral, Green Market, Old City harbor, Revelin fortress, and will make them all alive for you through a series od interesting stories and anecdotes connected to each of them, some of which you will surely remember long after you leave Dubrovnik.
If you are particulary interested in any parts of history, different religions in Dubrovnik, history of warfare and defense, arhitecture, gastronomy, sports or any other subjects connected to Dubrovnik or in general, please let us know beforehand so that we can tailor the tour to your preferences.
This is a private tour so whether you are 5 or 85 years old we will do our best to make it interesting for you!

Dubrovnik from panoramic drive

Dubrovnik from panoramic drive

What can you expect:

historical and orientation lesson about Dubrovnik and Croatia presented in a laid back way with many interesting little details with a touch of humor as well :)
Level of difficulty: expect to walk in total about 1/2 mile (800 meters) easy pace, no steep climbs or steps (if you do not want it, that is), wheelchair friendly as well.
Entrance tickets cost: no tickets needed for the tour, in agreement with guests we can visit different sights or museums, not part of regular tour – tickets paid separately

Important notices:

Croatia has its own currency, Croatian Kuna…EUR or USD are NOT widely accepted. Do contact us if you have any questions regarding money, exchange rate or exchange offices!
Summers in Dubrovnik can be quite hot so bring a hat, sun cream and water with you if coming in summer!

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Pile Gate meeting point

Pile is the name of the Western entrance (gate) to the Dubrovnik Old City but it also refers to the area just beside the entrance, where you see the main bus stop for tourist and local public buses and a taxi parking. It is very easy to find.
I usually meet my guests beside Amerling fountain , which you can easily find as it is big fountain centrally located on Pile square known as Brsalje.
Almost all local buses have their final stop at Pile and it is also a final stop for the cruise ship shuttle buses which are anchored in main Dubrovnik port of Gruz. Bus ticket costs 12 kunas (~1,60€) if you buy it on the bus and 10 kunas (~1,30 €) at tobacco shops. A taxi to Pile costs around 10€ from the port of Gruž or Lapad. Call a Taxi at number +385 20 970 (Taxi call center).

Pile Gate Meeting Point

Pile Gate Meeting Point

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